• 1000w Lumatek Digital Ballast & NEW 1000w Lumatek Bulb
  • 1000w Lumatek Digital Ballast & NEW 1000w Lumatek Bulb
  • 1000w Lumatek Digital Ballast & NEW 1000w Lumatek Bulb

1000w Lumatek Digital Ballast & NEW 1000w Lumatek Bulb


Lumatek 1000w Digital Ballast Special Offer

This state-of-the-art 1000w ballast & bulb system from Lumatek is new for 2015 & combines to provide an unrivalled PAR output, which directly relates to plant productivity & yield.

With 30% more lumens than a standard magnetic ballast: the Lumatek 1000w Digital Ballast is actually more energy efficient than older types of 1000w ballast.

Featuring 4 different settings from 600w to 1000w Super Lumens - the Lumatek 1000w Digital Ballast can be used progressively to give the optimum performance for each stage of your grow and can be used with both high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps.

This fantastic Dimmable Digital 1000w Ballast is so reliable it comes with a free 3 year manufacturers warranty and also has an in-built cut off switch, to protect against electrical surges. And as with all Lumatek Digital ballasts this 1000w Digital ballast comes complete with a full radio frequency shield as standard.

Also featuring a fast start-up facility, the Lumatek 1000w Ballast generates much less heat than conventional ballasts and also runs silently.

Lumatek 1000w High Performance Bulb

Introducing the brand new Lumatek 1000w High-Performance lamp. These state-of-the-art grow lamps are among the most powerful & reliable currently available.

Lumatek 1000w High Performance bulbs are designed specifically for high output 1000w Lumatek Digital ballasts. They give a more potent lumen spread than conventional and run very efficiently for such a large wattage, even when used at differing ballast settings.

The powerful grow lamp Lumatek is blue spectrum-enriched, Super High Pressure Sodium. Which means you can veg & flower with the same bulb without losing plant productivity. This makes them great value for money for such a high yielding 1000w digital system.

Only the Lumatek 1000w Lamp will truly make the most of the awesome Lumatek Digital 1000w ballast. This is because the new Lumatek 1000w Bulb is the first grow-lamp of it's kind to be built specifically for ballasts with 1000w Super Lumens Settings. Where other bulbs would lose efficiency & life-span if switched between 600w & 1000w Super Lumens; this superb new bulb from Lumatek can emit up to 150,000 Lumens for an incredible 24,000 hours! No other grow lamp will do your 1000w Lumatek Digital ballast justice, as matched ballasts and bulbs usually far outperform mixed brands.

Available in limited numbers for only £219.99 from 234.99, includes free express domestic delivery* & delivery time notification.

EU Spec 2-pin ballasts available with every European order - EU shipping from £18.99