• 1000w Lumatek HPS Lamp

1000w HPS Lumatek High Performance Lamp


1000w Lumatek High Performance Bulb

Introducing the Brand New Lumatek 1000w High-Performance bulb. These state-of-the-art grow lamps are amongst the most powerful & reliable ever made. Lumatek have designed this awesome new lamp specifically to give a more powerful HPS output than other 1000w lamps.

These High Performance bulbs from Lumatek are High Pressure Sodium, with Blue spectrum enrichment which means you get the same great flowering results as with any High Perfromance HPS lamp - but can also successfully veg with them too - making them excellent value for money.

Where other bulbs would lose efficiency & life-span if switched between 600w, 1000w & Super Lumens; this superb new bulb from Lumatek can emit up to 140,000 + Lumens for an incredible 24,000 hours! That's over 2 years of AMAZING grow-room results!

140,000 Lumens +

1000w Blue Spectrum Enriched

High Performance

Long Life - even at Super Lumens

Only £49.99!

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Brand New