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1000w Powerplant Super HPS Bulb


1000w Lumatek High Performance Lamp / Bulb

Introducing the Brand New Lumatek 1000w High-Performance lamp. These state-of-the-art grow lamps are amongst the most powerful & reliable ever made. Lumatek have designed this awesome new lamp specifically to give off a more powerful Dual Spectrum light than standard bulbs. This means you can veg & flower with these fantastic lamps - making them excellent value for money.Where other bulbs would lose efficiency & life-span if switched between 600w, 1000w & Super Lumens; this superb new bulb from Lumatek can emit up to 140,000 + Lumens for an incredible 24,000 hours! That's years of AMAZING grow-room results!

140,000 Lumens +

1000w Dual Spectrum

High Performance

Long Life - even at Super Lumens

Only £49.99!

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Brand New