• 1000w Solis Tek HPS lamp
  • Solistek 600w HPS

1000w Solis Tek HPS UV Lamp


Solis Tek are the worlds leading manufacturers of plant specific grow lamps.

These high-output 1000w HPS lamps also contain Ultra Violet which enables a much better maturation of fruiting plants than a standard HPS lamp


The 2K HPS from Solistek is optimal for all stages of growth, though because they are so powerful it is not advisable to use them on very young plants.1000w-hps-spectrum-stk-2.png


-Superior Photochemical Reactions 
-Proper UV Balance 
-Advanced HID Lamp Design 
-Lamps made by Life Scientists for plants -Best Sunlight Replication 
-Designed for Commercial Applications 
-Made for Quality, Consistency & Yield