•  250w Lumatek Digital Ballast

250w Lumatek Digital Ballast


250w Lumatek Digital Ballast

The Lumatek 250w Digital Dimmable Ballast is one of the most powerful and stable 250w digital ballasts currently available. Utilising the Super Lumens setting provides more than 30% more lumens than a standard magnetic ballast and yet uses far less energy too.

Featuring 4 different settings, including 250w Super Lumens - the Lumatek 250 can be used progressively to give the optimum performance for each stage of your grow and can be used with both high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps.

This fantastic Dimmable Digital Ballast is so reliable it comes with an amazing 5 year guarantee and also has an in-built cut off switch, to protect against electrical surges. The Lumatek 250w grow light also features a fast start up facility and generates much less heat than other conventional ballasts. Enjoy longer bulb-life too with this high capacity digital ballast, as the Lumatek 250w is incredibly stable and reliable, ensuring unbeatable grow room results.

100% silent, Internal RF shield, 30% more lumens, resin coated for long life & cool running!