• 600w Cooltube Lumatek Grow Kit
  • 600w Cooltube Lumatek Grow Kit
  • 600w Cooltube Lumatek Grow Kit

600w Cooltube Lumatek Grow Kit


600w Lumatek Digital Cooltube Grow Kit

The Superb Cooltube from Powerplant has revolutionised indoor cultivation by permitting a huch higher canopy level & far greater temperature control, than conventional reflectors. Designed around a highly robust and specially toughened heat-resistant glass, the 460mm long Aerotube from PowerPlant has a 6inch opening at either end which enables hot air to be extracted via ducting with or without a fan, to keep your grow room temperatures low and your yields high.

The Lumatek 660w Digital Ballast provides a higher PAR output and yet is far more energy efficient than most other ballasts on the market. The latest high output 600w horticultural ballasts from Lumatek are designed to give high yeilds of top quality results, year after year

Featuring 4 different settings from 250w to 660w, Lumatek Digital ballasts can be used progressively to give the optimum performance for each stage of your grow and can be used with both high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps.

This fantastic Dimmable Digital Ballast is so reliable it comes with free 3 year guarantee and is filled with top quality components. Featuring a fast start up and intelligent dimming facility - the Lumatek 600w also generates much less heat than other conventional ballasts and runs silently.

As with all Lumatek Ballasts, the 2015 660w features an RF shield and also has an in-built cut off switch, to protect against electrical surges.

The incredible new Lumatek 600w Dimmable Dual Spectrum Bulb is the first of it's kind to be built specifically for Super Lumens / Digital ballasts. Where other bulbs would lose efficiency & life-span if switched between 400w, 600w & Super Lumens; this superb new bulb from Lumatek can emit up to 90,000 Lumens for an incredible 24,000 hours! Over 3 Years of AMAZING grow-room results! No other grow lamp will do your Super Lumen ballast justice.....or can handle being run at differing output levels.


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