• Lumatek 600w HPS lamp

600w Lumatek HPS Bulb


Lumatek 600w HPS Lamp

The Lumatek 600w High Performance Bulb is the first high pressure sodium bulb be built specifically for Super Lumens and Dimmable Digital ballasts.

Where other bulbs would lose effectivity & life-span if switched between 400w, 600w & Super Lumens; this superb new bulb from Lumatek can emit up to 90,000 Dual Spectrum Lumens for an incredible 24,000 hours! Nearly 3 Years of AMAZING grow-room results from one lamp!

Only the Lumatek 600w blue spectrum enriched HPS will do your Super Lumen ballast justice.....or can handle being run at differing output levels.

90,000 Lumens 600w Dual Spectrum, 24,000 Hour Life

Only £29.99!

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