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600w Lumii 6" CoolTube Digital Grow Kit


600w Lumii Digital Cooltube Grow Kit

We have put together this great value 600w Digital Coltube Kit, for growers on a budget who still want fast-growing, high yields. The New Lumii Digita 600w Dimmable Ballast is a Micro-processor controlled digital ballast and runs at a higher frequency than standard magnetic ballasts.

Featuring 4 different settings, including '600w Boost'- the Lumii Digita can be used progressively to give the optimum performance for each stage of your grow and can be used with both high pressure sodium, or metal halide lamps. The Lumii Digita comes with a 36 month guarantee and also has an in-built cut off switch, to protect against electrical surges. Includes Silent Running, Fast Start-Up & Low Heat Generation RRP £119.99

The 6" Powerplant CoolTube Air-Cooled reflector is becoming a very popular choice amongst growers. The CoolTube from Powerplant features a highly reflective interior & additional reflecting wings to increase lumen spread. This helps make the most of the fantastic Lumii Digital Lighting system, whilst two, six inch Air-Cooling Ducts help to keep those grow room temperatures low and your yields high!

This is a really efficient way of lighting small grow-rooms where space between the canopy and light is limited, as you can grow right up to the reflector without worrying about burning. Several of these great reflectors can also be joined together, creating a highly effective lighting solution for larger grows too. Each kit comes complete with hanging hooks.

This budget air-cooled digital grow kit, is amazing value at ONLY £149.99 and includes a 600w Lumii Sunblaster bulb too worth £20 AND Free Next Day Shipping Worth £9.99

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