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600w Lumii Digital Ballast & Sunblaster Bulb


Lumii 600w Digital Ballast & Lamp Grow Kit Offer

We have put together this great digital grow kit for growers on a budget - who still want top quality results. This fantastic offer is for a Lumii 600w Digital Ballast & new Dual Spectrum 600w Sunblaster Lamp,we're also including free express shipping!
This great digital ballast from Lumii features 4 different settings including '600w Boost' giving more lumens for the late flowering stages - to help growers achieve higher yields, whilst actually using less power than a conventional ballast. This also means that the Lumii Digita can be used progressively to give the optimum performance for each stage of your grow and is compatible with either high pressure sodium, or metal halide lamps.

The Lumii Digita 600w Digital Ballast comes with a 36 month Manufacturer's Warranty and also has an in-built cut off switch to protect against electrical surges. Includes Silent Running, Fast Start-Up & Low Heat Generation. This great 600w Digital Ballast also includes free 36 month manufacturers warranty.
Digital Ballasts have grown more powerful & now run at a much higher frequency than standard ballasts - so a new breed of lamp has been born. The LUMii SunBlaster is a 600W high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp - built specifically for Digital Dimmable Ballasts. This means it is designed to be able to handle the powerful output of the 600w Lumii Digital Ballast & will not lose performance even when being dimmed or running at boost level.
The Sunblaster from Lumii is also blue spectrum enriched - to ensure that it can be used successfully for both Vegetation and Flowering phases, as well as having an enhanced red spectrum - to give plants a real boost in the later stages of flowering too. 

Save over £25 on this fantastic grow kit.