Lumatek Ultimate Professional 400v

Lumatek Ultimate Professional 400v


Lumatek Ultimate Pro

New Lumatek 400 volt Ultimate Professional Horticulture Systems are at the cutting edge of modern horticultural lighting.'s 400v Ultimate Professional range features super-high PAR lighting ballasts. These 400v pro quality digital ballasts run at an even higher frequency than the market leading Lumatek 240v digital ballasts. Yet amazingly; still plug into a normal 240v UK (or 220v EU) domestic socket!

This higher voltage considerably increases power output and efficiency. It also increases PAR output, through pulsing many more times a second than a standard Lumatek ballast. This enables increased growth and higher yields than ever before - without substantially increasing energy costs. 

So for more productive plants and higher yields we have a wide selection of Professional quality kits and equipment. Enjoy fast, discreet and often FREE shipping, as well as lowest UK & EU prices, on all Lumatek Professional 400v equipment.