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315w CDM Ceramic Metal Halide

dim315.jpg315w & 630w CDM Ceramic Metal Halide grow kits, ballasts and systems.

Here at Mr Hydro we strive hard to bring you the very best technology available, at the best prices. Our new range of 315w & 630w Ceramic Metal Halide systems, use brand new high frequency, low wattage technology.

These amazing new 315w & 615w CDM Ceramic Metal Halide systems, run at half the wattage of a standard 600w HPS system (per lamp) and yet produce a higher concentration of usable PAR / light.

This means that not only are your plants able to absorb and benefit from the usable light omitted by the Ceramic Metal Halide CDM lamps, but they draw far less power and waste far less energy producing heat. In fact a 315w system, even at 330w boost setting, will produce far less heat than an HPS system, meaning there is no need for Air-Cooled reflectors, and enabling the plant canopy to grow closer to the lamp.

The 315w & 630w CDM Ceramic Metal Halide  systems available from Mr Hydro are world leading brands - such as Omega's dimmable 315w CDM ballasts and kits, the brand new for 2018 Solis Tek C1 Ceramic metal halide, all in one fixture, and the superb new Lumatek 315w and 630w Ballast and bulb kits.


All of these superb new Ceramic Metal Halide systems, are designed to give you better results than an HPOS system, with lower heat output and far higher, usable light per watt figures than we've ever seen before.


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