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BioBizz Bio Bloom Organic Flowering Food 500ml


The new improved BioBloom from BioBizz, is the most trusted organic liquid bloom fertilizer available today. BioBizz were established way back in 1992 and have an unrivalled reputation for producing highly effective, organic nutrients for soil and substrate grows (coco or other solid media). These great all natural feeds can can also be used with drip irrigation systems either  indoors and outdoors.

bloomis packed with naturally occurring minerals, micronutrients, amino acids and friendly hormones; making it the perfect organic feed for flowering. It is also long lasting, highly stable and very easy to use....ensuring that whatever your experience level, your grow will be vigourous and sweet tasting.

In addition to minerals and hormones, BioBloom is high in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. These all combine to boost flowering productivity, creating high yields with an unbeatable organic flavour.

And because BioBloom is 100% organic, you will never burn, damage or root block your plants ( if using the prescribed amount) and will get far better results, for a fraction of the cost of the unreliable and expensive chemical based feeds. And it's great value too, 500 ml should last for 3-4 meduim sized grows.


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