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Biobizz Bio Heaven Organic Growth Enhancer 250ml


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2Organic Growth Booster from BioBizz, is a specially formulated plant energiser which is incredibly effective in maximising the potential of your plants. And unlike most products of this nature - BioHeaven actually works!

This amazing formula is completely organic and contains carefully selected biological enhancers, such as hydrolyzed proteins which are which are essential for structure and metabolism. As a result, Bio Heaven increases the anti-oxidant system of the plant so it will grow bigger, strong and faster. Expect at least 10% more from your grow with Bio Bizz Bio Heaven.

Highly concentrated. Rapid and complete uptake of the key nutrients.
Accelerated development of essential macro and micro nutrients.
Improves yield and quality of harvest.
Improves moisture retention in plants and reduce moisture stress.
Stimulates enzymatic systems in plants to increase plant respiration.
Provides a valuable source of carbon for soil micro-organisms.
Compatible with all fertilizer programs/ brands, both biological biomineral or synthetic.


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