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BioBizz Top Max, Bloom & Grow, Complete Organic Nutrient Set




Superb Full Organic Nutrient Set

3x 500ml Top Max, Bio Bloom & Bio Grow

BioBizz, is the most highly trusted organic plant food producer on the market today. Established way back in 1992, they have an unrivalled reputation for producing highly effective, organic nutrients for soil /solid media grows and can be used either in or outdoors. This fully organic, complete 500ml nutrient set is guaranteed to give you high yields of top quality, organic results - with a truly unbeatable flavour.

grois made from 100% Dutch organic sugar beet extract, which makes it the perfect organic feed for fast growing plants. In addition to plant nutrients, BioGrow is high in Potassium and includes molasses too, which is a rich source of food for soil microbes and promotes healthy bacteria in your soil or substrate. These all combine to boost both vegetative & flowering growth

bloom is packed with naturally occurring minerals, micronutrients, amino acids and friendly hormones; making it the perfect organic feed for flowering. It is also long lasting, highly stable and very easy to use. In addition to minerals and hormones, Bio Bloom is high in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. These all combine to boost flowering productivity, creating high yields with an unbeatable organic flavour.

has a three fold effect on your flowering stage. Firstly it is packed with naturally occurring minerals, including high levels of Humic Acid. This enables your plants to take in the higher nutrient levels they need in the final stages. So Top Max combined with BioGrow & BioBloom is a perfectly balanced organic solution, for a hugely productive & fast finishing flowering phase.

Secondly Top Max also contains high levels of benificial organic nutrients, which are designed to compliment those in BioGrow & BioBloom. This ensures bigger, fatter, fast growing flowers - which will ripen quickly & naturally, providing an impressive weight gain in the last week or two.

Lastly Top Max is superbly balanced using all natural organic products, enabling your flowers to utilise it's naturally occuring sugars. So expect much higher yields...but all with a wonderful organic, sweet tasting flavour.

BioBizz feeds are great value too! Enjoy superior, flavourful yields for a fraction of the cost of the unreliable and expensive chemical based products, 500ml should last for 2-3 meduim sized grows. They are also also long lasting, highly stable and very easy to use....ensuring that whatever your experience level, your grow will be vigourous and sweet tasting. .

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