• Canna Aqua Flores

Canna Aqua Flores 1litre A & B


CANNA Aqua Flores 1 Litre

CANNA Aqua Flores is a fast working nutrient for strong, vigourous plants which are grown in non-recirculating hydroponic systems.

A plant’s blooming phase is vitally important, because this is where your hard work is rewarded. Canna Flores is specially designed to give fantastic results and ensures that all the necessary nutrients for flowering are available directly and in the right quantities. Aqua Flores stimulates the fast growth of healthy, well formed flowers and because it contains all necessary elements that are required during the blooming phase. As your plants bloom their need for potassium and phosphorous is greater, Aqua Flores is rich in these elements - resulting in a perfect bloom every time.

  • Stimulates productive flowering
  • Promotes a rich, characteristic flavour.
  • Easy to use, dissolves directly 
  • Suitable for growing with re-circulating hydro systems
  • Contains pH-stabilisers, so there is no need to adjust the pH
  • Formulated to give fast results
A & B Aqua Flores 1 Litre 

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