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Cannazym 250ml


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CANNA Cannazym

This fantastic solution from Canna stimulates the breakdown of dead root material using 12 different kinds of positive enzymes. This helps to establish a healthy root system by ensuring the cycle of dying and regenerating roots is a positive rather than a more harmful or even poisonous one.

Dead roots soon begin to rot and produce harmful organisms, this can quickly lead to plants becoming stressed as their root systems begin to die, but Cannazym will ensure that harmful organisms are swiftly turned into an additional food source for your plants, eliminating unfriendly bacteria and enabling faster regeneration and healthier growth.

Additionally, with the use of vitamins and desert plant extracts Canna Cannazym helps activate beneficial micro-organisms, which stabilises root systems and encourages a higher level of vital aeration too. This leads to improved absorption of nutrients and increased disease resistance.

Cannazym is particularly great for substrate and DWC grows, but will benefit all types of root system. 


NPK: 0-2-1

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