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Lumatek 630w CDM Tekken CMH D/e Pro Grow System



Lumatek 630w CDM Grow System


The brand new 2018 Lumatek 630w CDM system represents the culmination of many years development & testing. We at Mr Hydro proudly present to you the ultra reliable, high-output, Ceramic Metal Halide, double ended Lumatek Pro CDM system.

Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) is fast becoming first-choice, for hobby and commercial growers alike. These high output, low-power, low-heat horticultural lighting kits, offer unrivalled PAR (usable light) figures, compared to old-school HPS set-ups. And can provide better gram / watt figures than previously seen before, yet with less energy consumption and at considerably lower grow room temperatures.

Your plants not only get to enjoy far more usable light per watt than ever before, but with lower heat to contend with; your whole grow-room environment is vastly improved. Meaning less stress for grower and plants alike, and no need for clumsy air cooled reflectors, or expensive cooling solutions.

These fantastic high PAR Lumatek CDM systems genuinely can compete with a standard 600w HPS setup, yet with lower running costs, lower temperatures and less stress to your plant canopy.

Join the CDM revolution today; at lowest UK and online prices with Mr Hydro

Lumatek 630w Pro CDM Ballast inc 

Lumatek Double ended 3100k Flowering Lamp

Lumatek Tekken Double Ended Pro Reflector


Lumatek CMH Pro Digtal Ballast

The new Lumatek CDM Pro D/e ballast offers unrivalled PAR figures for a 600w digital ballast. These ultra reliable, super stable, high output ballasts will dramatically improve your gram per watt figures, and give results far superior to that of a standard HPS system.

The Lumatek Pro CMH ballast when used with the 630w CMH d/e lamp & high output Tekken d/e reflector, promotes fast growing, high quality, bountiful harvests. With improved PAR output levels per watt, lower running costs compared to comparable HPS systems, and the peace of mind of a full 5 year Lumatek warranty. These groundbreaking new Pro CDM systems from Lumatek represent the future generation of grow systems and are fast making HPS a thing of the past.

More Light – Less Heat – Optimal Control – More Yield 
Electronic ballast for 630W CMH lamps
Voltage: 240V 50/60Hz
Current: 3.2A
Input power: 668W
Output power: 630W
630w Lumatek CMH Lamp
Full Spectrum (4200K) Lamp - This lamp provides a very broad spectrum of light (closest to natural sunlight). It is perfect for use in the vegetative stage of growth and is an excellent choice for supplementary lighting alongside HPS lamps. This will increase yields and quality immensely! (not currently available)

Agro (3100K) Lamp - Very similar to the Full Spectrum lamp but with an adjusted spectrum to provide more light in red end of the spectrum. This makes it the perfect lamp for use with flowering plants and can used as supplemental lighting or a standalone system. We recommend combining Elite and Agro Lamps for multiple light setups for the ultimate balance of yield, growth and quality!


 Please note* Miro Reflector comes flat-packed but easily via the manufacturer instruction sheet included.

Lumatek Double Ended Tekken CMH Hammertone Reflector

The new Lumatek Tekken double ended reflector uses brand new technology for 2018.        

These high quality double ended reflectors are designed to enhance the incredible lumen output provided by the 630w Lumatek CMH Pro ballast and bulb. Used with our Lumatek pro CDM 630w ballast and bulb - these high output Lumatek Professional reflectors will ensure that your plant canopy enjoys one of the highest PAR outputs currently available.


This amazing new 630w pro grow system from Lumatek includes free express domestic shipping and is only available in limited numbers - buy today to avoid disappointment.


Please note - Free European adapter available & fully tracked, low cost, express shipping, to all our European customers 

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