• OMEGA 315w CDM Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Kit
  • Omega 315w CDM Digital Ballast
  • Omega 315w 4000k Flowering lamp
  • Omega 315w 3000k Veg lamp

OMEGA 315W CDM Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Kit - Veg & Flowering lamps


OMEGA 315W CDM Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Kit - Includes 2 lamps (Veg & Flower)


Please note, non dimmable ballast - Omega no longer make the dimmable as pictured.



Welcome to the CDM revolution!

These new Ceramic Discharge Metal halide systems are amongst the most advanced grow systems in the world.

Gone are the days of ineffective LED solutions to low-heat, low-power limitation. Or wasteful HPS setups, turning power into heat. This groundbreaking new technology gives higher PAR figures than an HPS systems yet at half the wattage and with a far lower heat signature from the lamp.


Each Omega 315w Ceramic Metal Halide Kit Includes:

  • Omega 315w Daylight ballast non dimmable
  • Omega 315w CDM Flowering Lamps
  • High Output, Focused Reflector with CDM lamp fitting
  • CDM E40 Socket Adapter

The Omega 315w CDM Ballast runs a 315w Ceramic Discharge lamp, which offers a far higher PAR per watt than a conventional HPS system. The PAR figures considering there is such a decrease in power consumption, are astonishing. And because this is a Metal Halide, plants grow more quickly and more healthily than ever before. It is no wonder CDM 315w and 630w is fast taking over from HPS, as less energy is wasted on heat and unusable HPS PAR spectra.


CDM to E40 adapters available if you would prefer to use your current HID reflectors

Warranty Information

3 year manufacturers