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Orca Grow Film 1.37m x 10m

ORCA Grow Film is made from threads of a high density specialised reflective plastic which are bonded together creating a uniquely reflective film. The resulting material is incredibly reflective whilst also porous - which also helps to let your grow room breathe. Orca can be used in any grow space, to turn walls or partitions into highly reflective surfaces, increasing luminosity and therefore yields, considerably.

Using the same principal is found in snowflakes, where transparent water is transformed into highly reflective bright white snow, Orca grow-film will add an intense and consistent luminosity to any grow space. 

This consistency is highly important because it eliminates hot spots and creates the even, efficient distribution which maximises the lumen output of your lighting set-up.

This easy to use grow film is the best available & will help growers to achieve high yields.

  • Highly reflective
  • Consistent reflection
  • Breathable material
  • Large 10 x 1.37 meter roll

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