• Perfect pH Ionic pH balancing system
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Perfect pH Ionic pH balancing system


The future is here my friends....

No more endless bottles of ph up or down. No longer do you need to check, day after day, that your nutrients are properly ph balanced.

With Perfect pH - your reservoir will manage itself! For up to six months at a time, you can rely on Perfect pH to ensure your ph levels remain consistently in the sweet spot for nutrient uptake. Without having to use ph up or down once!

Impossible right? Well here's the science...

The perfectpH makes use of advanced ion exchange technology, proven by NASA to stabilize plant pH with no toxic effects, and to approximately double yield rates. 

In order for your plant’s roots to uptake the nutrients essential for growth, a slightly
acidic to neutral pH range is required. When the the pH travels outside of this zone you will
experience “nutrient lockout” where the plants do not absorb the nutrients
properly, stunting the plants growth and disrupting their immune systems.

Plant roots in the earth’s soil can naturally buffer against problems such as excess alkalinity by
dissipating a build-up of H+ ions into the ground. When they are taken out of this
environment, such as with indoor hydroponic systems, this build-up of positive charged
ions creates unstable conditions which veteran and amateur growers alike have likely experienced.

The Torus Hydro perfectpH captures and separates these harmful positive
​ions from concentrating in your mixture and provides the ideal atmosphere for growth.


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Monster Gardens calls the perfectpH a "game changer!" Find out more at http://www.torushydro.com http://www.monstergardens.com https://www.youtube.com/user/MonsterGardens

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    Monster Gardens calls the perfectpH a "game changer!" Find ou...