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Plant It Dirt Pot Air Pruning Pot


Dirt Pot Fabric Air Pruning Pot

These fantastic new breathable fabric pots from PlantIt, encourage far more vigorous growth than conventional grow methods. This is largely due to increased oxygenation of root systems, but also because these great breathable grow pots also enable to soil or substrate to dry more quickly. Many good growers know, that keeping your plant's roots oxygenated, combined with a pro-active feeding & drying cycle - is an effective way of promoting fast, healthy growing plants.


Many kinds of plants do not like to be kept in a constantly wet medium, they become lazy and apathetic, so these fantastic Air Pruning pots enable far faster growth and higher yields than other methods.

Dirt pots are both strong and light - and even have handles so can be moved about easily to make the most of the space in your grow tent or room, or hidden away in times of danger.
The Dirt Pot also features reinforced seams, to ensure that they will not break even with the heaviest of yields - which due to this fantastic breathable, air-pruning design....... your plants are sure to achieve!
Join the increasing number of growers opting for higher yields the easier way - with Dirt Pots. This fantastic new grow method can even out-perform DWC and will offer a better flavour as Organic Soils, Coco and other substrates can be used. The Dirt Pot is great value too as they can even be washed and re-used several times.

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