• Powerplant Mantis adjustawing
  • Powerplant Mantis adjustawing

Powerplant Mantis Adjustable Parabolic Reflector


The Mantis Pro Adjusta-wing reflector is a fantastic new Glass-Coated (for maximum reflection) Adjustable Parabolic Reflector. These fantastic adjustable design enables growers to focus the lumen spread of their lamp evenly over the canopy of their grow-room, regardless of it's dimensions.

Futhermore the superb Mantis reflector can be adjusted using 5 differnet settings, to constantly maximise the potential of your lighting system as the canopy rises with growth. This is the perfect solution for growers who want to ensure their canopy recieves maximum lumens at every stage of the grow and is suitable for all grow-room sizes. The Mantis Pro adjustable reflector can be used with any IEC connection...whether Dual Spectrum, HPS or Metal Halide bulbs & features a glass coating to give better light reflection than a standard reflector.

Features: - Dimensions- 68 x 56 x 12-20cm - 5 different span settings - Adjustable lamp-holder depth for various bulb sizes - IEC connection

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