• Powerplant Ultralite Pro
  • Powerplant Ultralite Pro

Powerplant Ultralite Adjustable Parabolic Reflector


AeroPowerplant UltraLite Adjustable Parabolic Reflector.

The fantastic new high performance Ultralite reflector from Powerplant has won awards for emitting the highest lumen output from any reflector currently available.

The Power Plant Ultralite Pro is a high performance, light-weight reflector with a specially designed adjustable octagonal hood. This unique patented horizontal parabolic reflector is fully adjustable, to ensure the arc & lumen spread can be set-up to fit your grow room exactly!

These great new reflectors also come with an IEC (UK standard) plug - which will suit any ballast from 250w - right up to our amazing 1000w Lumatek ballasts and can also be used with retro-fit Metal Halide Bulbs too.

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