• Solis Tek Digital Ballast Power Splitter

Solis Tek Digital Ballast Power Splitter


The New Solis Tek Digital splitter enables growers to run 2 lamp systems from one ballast. 

Solis Tek digital splitters can run 2 x 600w systems at just under 100% - from a single 1000w Digital ballast, for example - and should be used for best results with Solis Tek equipment, but can be used on most ballast makes and wattages.

The solistek splitter is a great way to add an additional light source to your 1000w grow - without needing to buy a second ballast and 2 x 600w outputs should usually outperform one 1000w output.

Our Solis Tek Splitters can be used on Solis Tek Single or Solis Tek double ended 1000w digital ballasts.