Solis Tek


Mr Hydro presents: Solis Tek, the future of Horticultural Lighting 

Our groundbreaking Solis Tek MH UV & HPS UV lamps offer a superb alternative to conventional High Pressure Sodium grow systems.

With the new Solis Tek Metal Halide UV system you get all the abundant growth of Metal Halide all the way through your grow, without the need for HPS to flower!

Our Solis Tek 4k lamps are available in 600w and 1000w single and double ended format and offer an unrivalled spectrum for early vegatatitive growth. The Solis Tek 6k then enables grower to minimise the strething of plants, when switching photoperiods. And then finally the the ultra high UV concentration the Solis Tek 10k Metal Halide UV Finisher lamp, will give you faster maturation, more potent produce and a tastier harvest than you'd get from a conventional HPS system.

Those who aren't quite ready to embrace this groundbreaking new Solis Tek Metal Halide UV technology can still enjoy fantastic results using the Solis Tek 2k UV HPS bulb. This also uses Ultra Violet to flower with, but in a high output HPS lamp instead.