1000w Lumatek Ultimate Professional 400v Digital Grow Kit

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1000w Lumatek Professional 400v Digital Grow Kit

The awesome power of the new Lumatek 400v Ultimate Professional 1000w Digital Grow System has been eagerly anticipated by professional and hobby growers alike. Launched for 2015, this professional-quality, super high-output grow system, features the new Lumatek 1000w Ultimate Professional 400v Ballast, Lumatek 1000w 400v High Performance Double Ended lamp & a new ultra-reflective lumatek double-ended lumatek pro reflector.

These three highly advanced components are designed by one of the worlds leading horticultural lighting specialists and combined exclusively at Mr Hydro.co.uk - to achieve some of the highest PAR outputs ever available, whilst still running off a standard 240v socket. Lumatek's new 1000w Ultimate professional grow kit is designed not only to give you some of the fastest growing, highest quality harvests ever - but also to be incredibly reliable & efficient too.

Please note - that the Lumatek Professional 1000w Grow Kit is exclusive to Mr Hydro and only available in very limited numbers.

1000w Lumatek Professional 400v Digital Ballast

The new 400v range from may look the same as other Lumatek ballasts - but runs at a much higher frequency. So whether running at 600w, or right up to 1000w Super Lumens the output of this system will give you a considerable advantage over other 1000w grow systems.

These awesome, professional quality 400 volt ballasts boast an even more powerful lumen output than that of other 1000w digital ballasts. 400v gives you faster growing plants and higher yields than 240v systems and yet the Lumatek 1000w Ultimate Pro ballast still plugs straight into your standard 240 volt mains socket.

This increased output does not compromise the efficiency and reliablity of the ballast though, enabling the Lumatek Professional 400v system to provide at least 11% more Photosynthesis Active Radiation (PAR) than a standard Lumatek Digital Ballast and up to 50% more than other well-respected brands. 

Featuring 4 different output settings, the 1000w Lumatek Professional ballast can be used progressively, helping to provide the optimum lumen output for each stage of your grow. And with Lumatek 400v Ultra High frequency you can enjoy professional quality, fast growing harvests and bumper yields.

Please note that these ballasts should only be used with Lumatek 400v horticultural lamps & pro reflectors

As ever with Lumatek Horticultural equipment, these fantastic Dimmable Digital 400v Ballast are so reliable, that they even come with an amazing 3 year guarantee. As well asan in-built cut off switch, to protect against electrical surges.

Featuring a fast start-up facility, the Lumatek 400v also generates much less heat than conventional ballasts and is designed to give you the fastest growing, high quallity harvests possible.

- 100% silent - Internal RF shield - Professional Quality Lumen Output - Higher Yields - Resin-coated board for long life - Reliable - Cool running - 3 Year Warranty

Technical specs 

  • 400v Digital ballast
  • Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Current: 4.50A
  • Power factor: >0.99
  • Voltage range: 165 to 265V
  • THD: <10%
  • Lamp CCF: <1.7


Lumatek 1000w Double Ended 400v Professional Bulb

For the awesome new Lumatek 1000w 400v Professional Ballast you need a special 1000w Lumatek 400v Ultimate Professional double-ended Lamp.

The new 400v Dimmable High Performance Lamp from Lumatek is a pro quality, 1000w double ended horticultural lamp. Designed specifically for super high yields; these 400v Lumatek Pro Lamps provide an exceptionally high PAR output and will retain efficiency even when regularly used at differing ballast settings.

This directly relates to how fast-growing and healthy your plants will be - ensuring that the size and quality of your yields will never be the same again.

Click here for lamp specifications


Lumatek Double Ended Pro Reflector

The new Lumatek Professional double ended reflector uses brand new technology for 2015. These professional quality double ended reflectors are super reflective and designed to enhance the incredible lumen output provided by the 1000w Lumatek Ultimate Pro ballast and bulb. By using new, ground-breaking reflective materials - these high output Lumatek Professional reflectors will ensure that your plant canopy enjoys one of the highest PAR outputs currently available.

This amazing new pro grow system from Lumatek includes free express domestic shipping and is only available in limited numbers at £349.99 - buy today to avoid disappointment.

3 year on ballast

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