1000w Solis Tek Digital Dimmable High Frequency Ballast

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Solis Tek 1000w Ultra High-Frequency Digital Ballast



solistekdimmrh.jpgSolis Tek 1000w Ultra High-Frequency Digital Ballast


These amazing new Solis tek 1000w Digital Dimmable ballasts offer super high-quality components and performance - available in a double or single ended lamp configuration.

       These systems are designed to run the ground-breaking new Solis Tek MH UV lamps - which have fast become the most widely acclaimed and professionally used lamps in the world today.

Ultra High frequency Output – Solis Tek Ballasts run at a much  higher frequency than conventional ballasts. Where an old generation magnetic  ballast would pulse light to the lamp 50-60 times a second, our state of the  art Solis Tek ballasts actually pulse light to the lamp around 80,000 times a  second, and of course use much higher performance MH UV lamps. All of these  factors really do add up to make a big difference, and here at Mr Hydro we are  well known for providing only top quality equipment at rock bottom prices.

Low Total Harmonic Distortion = better performance between  ballast & bulb. THD means that the quality of light emitted when using a  Solis Tek Ballast with a Solis Tek Bulb is of unrivalled quality. Solis Tek  Ballasts run at an ultra-high frequency & such a low THD means that when  using Solistek Ballasts with Solis Tek bulbs - they work in perfect unison,  giving a far superior output to most other brands.

Designed to run UV Enriched Blue Spectrum Lamps = MH is well  known to be a fantastic spectrum for fast-growing, healthy plants. Now with  Solis Tek MH has been combined with Ultra Violet enrichment, so no wasteful HPS  - instead, your plants will enjoy fantastic Metal Halide growth and will finish  quickly using Ultra Violet. UV far more closely imitates the sun than any other  lamp available & is much more plant-specific than HPS. This ensures crops  mature faster and trichs amber far more successfully, giving faster, more  potent crops.

Sense-Smart technology - These amazing ballasts are designed  to run 8 different checks on start-up. This is to protect the ballast against  surges, open circuits, dead bulbs, thermal issues, high/low voltage issues  & ignition failure.   

Ignition control – Once again, Solis Tek offer ground-breaking new technology with their  patented ignition control. The ballast is capable of firing lamps sequentially,  and when the load and environments are at their most stable, thus continuously  protecting your valuable Solis Tek Ballast and Bulb.      



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