1000w Solistek Metal Halide Ultra Violet 4k, 6k, 10k finisher 3 lamp set

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Now: £144.99

Solis Tek Metal Halide Ultra Violet 3 x Lamp System 


Solis Tek's new range of lamps are the first of their kind to be optimised for plant specific usage. So these lamps are designed to give your plants the exact spectrum and frequency needed for incredible results.

SolisTek Lamps are engineered with a precise gas combinsation that increases blue and red spectrums and are enriched with Ultra Violet (UVb) to provide a much more natural spectrum range than HPS. And because they more closely immitate sunlight - they are far more effective on your plants than old fashioned HPS lamps.

Solis tek bulbs come in a 3 lamp system, this is to enable each lamp to provide the optimum PAR output for each stage of a grow. 4k and 6k are high concentration Metal Halide with low UV B - this is to ensure plants are super healthy, with dark green foliage and vigorous growth. The Solis tek 10k finisher is used in the last few weeks to finish off your plants. This is done by utilising a higher UV B concentration, which provides terpins with the UV they need to mature faster and give better tasting, more potent end result.


  •         Prolonged Lamp Life & Low  Depreciation of PAR / Lumen Output
  •         Metal Halide UV technology designed for optimum growth
  •         Varying UV Enrichment for more potent  yields 
  •         Higher Photosynthesis rate due to MH UV combination
  •         Faster growing, earlier maturing, healthier plants.
  •         3 different lamps to provide optimum performance at every stage.
  •         Special Finishing Bulb (10k) for  significantly increasing the potency of your crop.
  •         Special intense MH bulb for shortening intermodal distances when switching photoperiods (or if using leggy strains).
  •         Incredibly Low THD when used with Solis Tek Ballasts
  •         Plant specific Lumen Outputs, each  lamps gives off far more effective lumen wavelengths
  •         No HPS whatsoever, which means no more  wasting energy on unusable light spectrums & increased heat.



       The 4K Metal Halide UV - White

 mh4kThe Solis Tek 4K metal halide is a crisp & clean full spectrum metal halide grow lamp, suitable for both grow and bloom stages, until the last few weeks. But ideally an early stages / veg lamp..

This is the all-rounder bulb from Solis Tek and can be used from the very start of a grow right up to the last few weeks. These amazing Solis Tek White Metal Halide l;amps are super high quality and feature Ultra Violet enrichment. So instead of switching to HPS at flower stage – you can keep enjoying fantastic growth levels using MH UV bulbs,  safe in the knowledge that your plants will flower successfully.

 Initial Lumens: 58,000
Color Temp: 4000
CRI: 65
Hot Restart 10-15 min
ANSI Spec: S106/E



The 6K Metal Halide UV - Blue


The 6k from Solis Tek has a higher MH content in order to decrease the internodal distances on leggy plants or when switching photo periods. These Ultra high quality MH lamps are designed for lush vegetative growth and can be used until the last few weeks of your grow.

Initial Lumens: 58,000
Color Temp: 6000
CRI: 65
Hot Restart 10-15 min
ANSI Spec: S106/E 




The 10K Metal Halide UV - Finisher / Super Blue

10k Also known as ‘The Finisher’ these fantastic  super blue 10k lamps from Solis Tek  provide the same high quality Metal Halide output as the 4k and 6k, but with  far higher UV enrichment. This will enable plants to mature far more quickly  and will promote a much quicker ambering of the final product, resulting in  better quality, higher potency crops.       

The 10k lamp from Solis Tek also features a special low-iron glass construction. Most glass has a green hue, which affects the  spectrum output of all bulbs and is so thick that many aspects of the lumen output are retained by the glass. But this amazing bulb from Solis Tek is fabricated to allow more UV goodness to pass through the glass and onto your plants. 

Initial Lumens: 58,000
Color Temp: 10,000
CRI: 96
Hot Restart 10-15 min
ANSI Spec: S106/E