300w Envirogro Twin CFL Professional Super Cool Veg System 14000k


Envirogro Twin CFL Professional Veg  System


The EnviroGro PRO CFL Twin 300w 14000k Super Cool CFL System is a professional Veg system for ensuring super-high quality vegetative growth.


Designed for two 300 watt EnviroGro CFL lamps; these reflectors are fitted with two independent on/off switches giving the user the control they need. Its ergonomic design means it fits perfectly into a 1.2m grow tent. Our Pro CFL system has separate power switches, so each lamp can be used independently, a cool running double wall and multiple vent design and twin dual parabolic inner reflectors. 


LUMii CFL Grow Lamp’s are the perfect low energy option for your grow room and are available in three different colour temperatures – ideal for growers who want to cut electricity costs, whilst still achieving high yields. All EnviroGro by LUMii CFL lamps are energy efficient and offer low energy options to your customers, bringing together excellent quality as well as guaranteed reliability.


This Super Cool 14000k CFL System provides a more complete spectrum than many veg systems and ensures that plants become compact and bushy in veg, and helps to maintain high flower density and fruit yields as plants mature. The system is low profile and is very easy to hang.

L: 530mm x W: 650mm x H: 180mm