Intelligent 600w Lumatek Ultimate Professional 400v Ballast & Bulb

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New Intelligent 400v Lumatek Ultimate Professional 600w Ballast & 400v Pro Bulb

Introducing the high frequency, highly output Intelligent 600w Lumatek ultimate professional 400v ballast and bulb system.

This state-of-the-art 2019 ballast & bulb system from Lumatek combines to provide an unrivalled PAR output, with a fully dimmable & remotely controllable digital ballast, via the new Lumatek Digital Lighting Control Panel. Meaning you can automatically control output, temperatures, timings, photoperiod and many other aspects of your lighting system, across up to 400 systems, using only one control panel.

These awesome, professional performance ballasts from Lumatek run at a whopping 400 volts - despite still plugging straight into your standard 240 volt mains socket. This increased output means Pro 400v ballasts provide at least 10% more Photosynthesis Active Radiation (PAR)than a standard Lumatek Digital Ballast and up to 50% more than conventional ballasts. Higher 400v frequency enables the Lumatek 400v Ultimate Pro to send high quality light towards your plants many more times a second than 240v equipment. This means that plants receive increased PAR (light) which directly relates to more vigorous growth and abundant harvests. 

So enjoy faster growing, professional quality harvests  - yet without massive increases to your power consumption, with 400v Lumatek Ultimate Professional kits from Mr Hydro. Featuring the same 4 different output settings as on a standard Lumatek Ballast, the Lumatek Professional 400v can be used progressively, helping to provide the optimum lumen output for each stage of your grow. Also included is the fantastic new Lumatek Ultimate Professional 600w 400v lamp. This high output horticulatural lamp will give considerably higher quality yields than a standard 240v horticultural lamp and although it is a Super High Pressure HPS lamp - can be used for all stages of your grow.

New 400v Lumatek Ultimate Professional 600w Bullb

Lumatek Ultimate Professional 400v ballasts can also run normal 240v lamps (though at a 240v output). This means you can use metal halide or HPS bulbs too, without a problem. However our new Professional quality Lumatek 400v kits come complete with a highly advanced 400v 600w Professional Horticultural lamp too, which is designed to work in perfect unison with your Lumatek 400v Ultimate Pro ballast and is designed to be used for all stages of your grow to give you amazing results.

These new Lumatek ultimate professional 400v bulbs give off 85,000 lumens, which is far more than any other conventional 600w ballast. Not only is there an increased Lumen output, but because Lumatek ultimate professional ballast run at such a high frequency - light is emitted far more frequently. Which makes a real difference to your plant's health and ultimately your harvests. These fantastic hrticultural grow lamps from Lumatek are designed to run for 24,000 hours, which will last at high intensity for several grows and come included with every Lumatek ultimate Professional Grow system from Mr Hydro - we're even giving away free express UK shipping, or low cost express european shipping whilst stocks last.

Please note - 2 pin Euro ballast adapter sent with every European order, 3 pin UK sent as standard for UK.