600w Lumatek Ultimate Professional 400v Grow Kit

Brand New

400v Lumatek Professional 600w Grow Kit

Introducing the amazing new 400v Ultimate Professional Digital Lighting Ballast & Bulb from Lumatek. Do not be fooled by their appearance, the new Lumatek 400v Ultimate Professional may look the similar to other Lumatek ballasts - but run at a much higher frequency & even more efficiently.

We have teamed this exceptional new advanced Horticularal ballast from Lumatek together with a selection of our most popular reflectors and the High PAR Lumatek Pro 400v bulb. Simply choose your reflector option for the very best in grow kit technology and Lumatek's highest yeilding lighting combination ever.

These awesome, professional quality 400 volt ballasts boast an even more powerful lumen output than that of standard Lumatek digital ballasts. They actually run at 400v; despite still plugging straight into your standard 240 volt mains socket. This increased output means Pro 400v ballasts provide at least 10% more Photosynthesis Active Radiation (PAR) than a standard Lumatek Digital Ballast and around 40% more than some other ballasts. So you can expect higher yields & faster-growing, healthier plants - without massive increases to your power consumption.

Featuring 4 different output settings the Lumatek Professional 400v can be used progressively, helping to provide the optimum lumen output for each stage of your grow.

Add any of our fantastic range of reflectors for great deals on the very latest High Yeilding Grow Kits.

EU 2 pin ballasts available for European customers, 3 pin UK sent as standard to UK.


Reflector information

  • Powerplant AeroWing
£65 Incredibly popular Aircooled High Output Reflector    aero.jpg
  • Powerplant CoolTube
£45 Best selling aircooled cooltube.    cooltube.jpg
  • Proto Star Crystal   
£55 New Aircooled Crystal composition reflector, for more usuable light.    proto.jpg
  • Lumatek Turrican
£115 New from Lumatek; the Turrican is a super reflective parabolic reflector    turri.jpg
  • Lumatek Hammertone
£100 Also new from Lumatek is the aircooled & adjustable hammertone    hammer.jpg
  • Powerplant SuperWing
£60 Expect a wide and even lumen spead from this huge dual parabolic reflector    super.jpg
  • Powerplant Mantis Pro Adjustawing
£50 Highly reflective due to glass coating & a very versatile adjustable option    mantis.jpg
  • Powerplant UltraLite
£50 Award Winning Adjustable Reflector, ideal for 600w systems.    ultra.jpg
  • Lumii Maxii
£15 Budget Euro Style Reflector from Lumii    maxii.jpg