Ceramic Metal Halide InformationCeramic Metal Halide, 315w & 630w Information. 

We at MrHydro.co.uk have put together this simple guide about Ceramic Metal Halide, please use the contact us page if you have any further questions...

What is Ceramic Metal Halide?

Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide is a type of bulb, which uses ceramic, rather than quartz, to produce light. This is more efficient and effective, as ceramic gives off a far more natural & well balanced light, than oldschool HPS or standard Metal Halide.

Ceramic Metal Halide uses a high pressure ceramic arc tube, which not only gives of a far broader and usable light than older technologies, but because they are smaller & more efficient: they actually produce lower temperatures AND use less power. 

Will an HPS / MH ballast run Ceramic Metal Halide ?

No, you need a CMH ballast to run CMH bulbs, as Ceramic Metal Halide operates at a different frequency.

If Ceramic Metal Halide is so good, why have we not used it in the past?

Ceramic Metal Halide is not new, the technology is actually quite old.

But CMH systems need high frequency digital ballasts to properly generate the high output that Ceramic Metal Halide bulbs can create. So now with modern high frequency, stable, high output ballasts, we can finally use the superb benefits of ceramic metal halide, for 21st century horticultural use.

Is there difference between LEC, CMH & CDM?

Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide is often referred to as CMH AND CDM. They are the same thing. LEC is a brand name, and not ideal for our purposes.

cmh-spectrum.jpgWhat are the advantages of using Ceramic Metal Halide, CMH?

In short CDM / CMH spectral outputs are far more advanced, and natural appearing to a plant, than older lighting. This is because they are more precisely engineered, run at a higher frequency and are more efficient.

 See image right for a generic comparison

Advantages of CMH

  • Balanced spectral output
  • Higher Efficiency
  • High Colour Index
  • UV Output
  • Lower temperatures
  • Lower power usage
  • Longevity increased, particularly if using double ended CMH lamps 

How do yields compare between CMH & HPS?

Yields are such a subjective barometer for new technologies, but early indications are excellent. Many people began testing ceramic metal halide equipment by adding CMH into HPS systems and found much healthier and more abundant growth.

Other reports particularly from medical growers in the USA, found that a well put together ceramic metal halide specific grow room, could provide the same yield output as a Professional 1000w HPS system and of amazing quality. These results can be found on video streaming sites.

Initially it was feared that that CMH was better as an allrounder, providing prodigious veg growth, but lacking a little in the final stages of flower. However the big brands like Lumatek, Philips, Solis tek and Lumii have worked tirelessly to develop much better flowering bulbs over the last year or two. So here on Mr Hydro.co.uk brand new for 2019, we have for you a selection the very best red engineered ceramic metal halide flowering lamps found anywhere in the UK or Europe, and all at lowest online prices.

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