Welcome to the Ceramic Metal Halide revolution!

Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) is a huge step forward in horticultural lighting, compared to dated High Pressure Sodium technology. Ceramic Metal Halide / CMH / CDM lighting needs less power to run, but actually emits nearly twice as much usable light per watt, than previous technologies, so CMH / CDM lighting really does represent a massive evolution in modern horticulture.

Here at Mr Hydro all of our CMH systems offer increased PAR output, better efficiency, wider spectral range, lower power requirement & lower heat generation too, compared to our HID/HPS equipment.

Each and every one of our high frequency, high-output, low-power, low-heat CMH lighting systems, offer unrivalled PAR (usable light) figures, compared to old HPS set-ups. And this encourages faster growing plants, and higher, better quality yields - than have ever been available before, yet with less energy consumption and at considerably lower grow-room temperatures.

So how does it work?? New CMH metal halide lamps feature an arc tube, which is constructed from ceramic composite. This is designed to emit a much broader spectrum of light, than previous quartz-based technologies, and doesn't waste anywhere near as much energy on emitting unusable light, or heat.

So, no longer do you need massive wattage's to ensure your plant canopy is lush and fast growing. With CMH / CDM lighting plants will mature more quickly and to a higher quality too, as Ceramic Metal Halide technology provides them with more of the light they need, at every stage of the grow.

See image right, for a generalised PAR comparison between HPS, LED CMH & MH lighting. No other type of horticultural lighting, offer such a broad and natural kind of spectral output compared to ceramic metal halide. And with our fantastic range from Omega, Lumii Solar, Lumatek 315w and Intelligent remote controlled Lumatek 630w d/e and Solis Tek C1 CMH systems, we have the perfect Ceramic Metal Halide system, whatever the size or style of your grow room.

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