Solis Tek Digital Ballasts


Solis Tek Digital Ballasts

Introducing Solis Tek; manufacturers of the finest & most advanced digital grow systems available today. Whether the highly advanced new Solis tek V2 Matrix Digital Ballast, or the Solistek 600w Dimmable ballast, you can be assured of ultra high frequency (400v) and industry leading PAR output. 

Our superb range of Ultra-High Frequency Solis Tek products at Mr Hydro, feature industry-leading Solis Tek Digital Ballast technology, combined with ground-breaking new Metal Halide Ultra Violet & HPS UV bulbs. The Solis Tek Matrix is also the first remote controlled ballast, which can be used to sync and set up several ballasts - all at the touch of a button on your remote control.

All Solis Tek digital ballasts & bulbs are designed to work in perfect harmony to provide an exceptionally high-quality  output, which is plant-specific, so will give your plants a much more usable & high quality light, than ever available before.

As a result; Solis Tek is now the clear favourite amongst all award winning and commercial / medical growers in the USA and Solis Tek hoirtilcultural equipment is now available in the UK at 400w, 600w & 1000w.

Solis Tek are the leading ballast & bulb manufacturer in the world for good reason - these systems contain ground-breaking technology & spectra which are far more closely aligned to a plant's needs, than standard High Pressure Sodim or Metal Halide.