Solis Tek Grow Kits


Solis Tek are world leaders in the provision of optimum, plant-specific, light spectra. New for 2016, we at Mr Hydro proudly present to you the New Solis Tek full Range.

Featuring groundbreaking new 3 stage Metal Halide Ultra Violet enriched grow lamps, all spectrum low energy, high output ceramic 315w CDM kits and the amazing new Solis Tek A1 All in one systems. As well as intelligent Solis Tek Matrix ballasts, with or without remote control and HPS UV lamps: our complete selection of Solis Tek items, will ensure your next grow is the best yet.

Each kit and component in our Solis Tek range is Ultra High frequency, ensuring an unrivalled usable PAR output and is designed specifically to provide plants with what they need at different stages of your grow, So for amazing results every time, it is no co-incidence that Solis Tek's global reputation among professional and hobby growers, is second to none.