315w & 630w CDM Lighting Kits

GROUND BREAKING NEW 315w & 630w CDM Ceramic Metal Halide grow systems


Here at Mr Hydro we strive hard to bring you the very best technology available, and at the best prices. Our new range of 315w & 630w Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide systems simply put: are game changers.

Using new high-frequency, low wattage technology; these high output, low heat systems. provide a far superior environment for plant growth than previously available and despite using less energy, will outperform a conventional 600w HPS system.

 All of our fantastic new Ceramic Metal Halide systems here at Mr Hydro produce a higher usable PAR / light per watt, than has ever been available before - so not only are temperatures easier to manage and power usage lowered - but you can expect quicker, more abundant harvests too.


Not only are our 315w & 630w CDM Ceramic Metal Halide systems at lowest online prices, but we are also including FREE ROPE RATCHETS with every full kit.

Kit options

Lumii Solar 315w CDM or 630w full spectrum system. From £174.99
Omega dimmable 315w CDM kits, with veg, flower or both lamps. From £174.99
Solis Tek C1 super-high output full fixture system. From £349.99
Lumatek 315w CDM full spectrum system From £199.99

Available only at Mr Hydro - a selection of the most comprehensive, complete and high quality 315w Ceramic Discharge 
Metal Halide systems in the world, with free domestic shipping and zero profit, fully tracked international shipping available.

Join the CDM revolution and get yours today, whilst stocks last.