Intelligent Lumatek 315w 3100k Flower CMH CDM Ceramic Metal Halide System


Intelligent Lumatek 315w CMH 3100k Flowering Ceramic Metal Halide CDM Grow System

The brand new Intelligent 2019 Lumatek 315w CMH Ceramic Metal Halide 3100k flower lamp system represents the culmination of many years development & testing. We at Mr Hydro proudly present to you the ultra reliable, high-output, Ceramic Metal Halide horticultural lighting system, from one of the most trusted and prestigious brands in the horticultural world - Lumatek.

These fantastic high PAR Lumatek CDM systems genuinely can compete with a standard 600w HPS setup, yet with lower running costs, lower temperatures and less stress to your plant canopy.

Our fantastic New Lumatek Intelligent range can be controller remotely via the Lumatek Digital Control Panel, which means you can control temperatures, timing, photo period, power usage, power output etc, on up to two rooms, of up to 2000 lighting systems in each room. That's total control of up to 400 Lumatek Digital Lighting systems, at the touch of a button. See more about the Lumatek Control Panel here.


CDM systems are fast becoming first-choice, for hobby and commercial growers alike. These low-power, low-heat horticultural lighting kits, offer unrivalled PAR (usable light) figures, compared to old-school HPS set-ups. And can provide better gram / watt figures than we've seen before, yet with less energy consumption and at considerably lower grow room temperatures.

Your plants not only get to enjoy far more usable light per watt than ever before, but with lower heat to contend with; your whole grow-room environment is vastly improved. Meaning less stress for grower and plants alike, and no need for clumsy air cooled reflectors, or expensive cooling solutions.

Join the CDM revolution today; at lowest UK and online prices with Mr Hydro - Lumatek 315w ballast, bulb and  free E40- CDM adapter.

The adapter means you can still use your normal E40 (Screw-in HPS / MH) reflector, all you need - to enjoy fast-growing, high-yielding, potent Lumatek Ceramic Metal Halide harvests

Intelligent Lumatek 315w CDM Ballast - & 3 year warranty
Lumatek 3100k Flowering amp
Lumatek E40 - CDM Adapter

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