solistekballasts.jpgWith the advent of digital horticulture technology; a new breed of ballasts was born. Higher capacity, higher output, dimmable, digital ballasts are now available. We have put a world class selection of the very best Digital Ballasts currently available anywhere and all at lowest UK & EU prices

And each digital ballast from offers growers the potential for much higher yields and better quality produce than ever before. All use considerably less power than conventional ballasts and yet can give dramatically increased yeilds.

Our fantastic selection of top quality ballasts all come equipped with dimming functionality. Each dimmable ballast has a selection of settings, ranging from a low wattage function, to a high wattage or boost function. This gives growers a far greater level of control over lumen outputs and energy usage, than was ever possible before.

Whether our best selling Lumatek Digital Ballasts, world leading Solis Tek Matrix or our new Lumatek 400v Ultimate Pro systems - all of our ballasts run  silently & with little noticeable heat discharge - offering a cost efficient, stable and powerful lighting solution - for 21st century horticulturalists.

Buy with confidence at Mr Hydro: we have a 100% positive feedback record on all platforms and all of our ballasts come with a free manufacturers 3 year exchange warranty.