controller2.jpgIntelligent, Digital, Horticultural Lighting

Here at Mr Hydro, we are always striving to bring you the very latest in horticultural lighting technology. And we proudly present to you the future for serious growers...

Our superb new ranges of Solis Tek  and Lumatek Intelligent, Advanced, Remote Controllable, Digital Lighting - is at the very forefront of 21st century grow equipment. And offers professional and serious hobby growers full control over not just one, but 2 different grow areas, each with up to a massive 200 lighting systems.

Now with our fantastic range of Lumatek and Solitek Digital controllers, you can adjust photo periods, timings, power settings and lots more parameters, for up to to 400 lights, all at the touch of a button! 


Currently available intelligent systems

Solis tek A1+ d/e HID, Intelligent Digital Full Fixture
Solis tek C1+ CMH Intelligent Digital full Fixture Ceramic Metal Halide
Lumatek 400v d/e HID Intelligent Digital Pro Systems
Lumatek 630w D/e Ceramic Metal Halide, Intelligent Digital  CMH systems