Lumii Black 600w Digital Ballast & Full Spectrum CMH Bulb

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600w Lumii Black Digital Ballast & Full Spectrum Bulb

The New Lumii Black dimmable, digital ballast - is designed for growers on a budget who still want good results.

Featuring 4 different settings, from 250w to 600w Boost (660w) this fantastic value grow system can be used progressively to give the optimum performance for each stage of your grow and can be used with either high pressure sodium, or metal halide & dual spectrum lamps, ranging from 250w to 600w.

The Lumii Black 600w Digital Ballast comes with a 36 month Manufacturer's Warranty and also has an in-built cut off switch, to protect against electrical surges. Includes Silent Running, Fast Start-Up & Low Heat Generation. 

Reliable, low cost, decent output ballast.

Includes the fantastic 600w Lumii Full spectrum HPS bulb

Only £69.99 whilst stocks last.

3 years manufacturer