Solis Tek Digital Lighting Controller

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Solis Tek Digital Lighting Controller

Cutting edge technology for ultimate control over your Solis Tek lighting system

The Solis Tek Digital Controller offers incredible levels of control over not one, but up to two Solis Tek Digital grow room. Regardless of size or complexity.

Our Solis Tek Digital Lighting Controllers really are an awesome bit of kit & will enable you to control to a much finer detail; all aspects of your Solis Tek digital lighting system.

With two separate photo-period cycles available, you can even run two schedules (of up to 300 lights!) completely independently,

And with up to to 25 temperature sensors per room, you can be certain of precision when managing each room's optimal temperature.

Solis Tek don't stop there, with the data logging feature, all activity is monitored and recorded, giving you full technical data for analysis & fine tuning.

The Solis Tek Lighting Controller be used in conjunction with your Solis Tek Matrix, Solis Tek A1 and Solis Tek C1 315w & 630w CDM set up's to provide a truly world class environmental control for professional and artisan growers alike.







  • Control 2 independent light cycles (2 separate rooms / tents)
  • Unrivalled temperature monitoring precision
  • Personalise sunrise and sunset preferences
  • Data logging
  • Excessive heat auto dim and shut off functions
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • features exclusive to Solistek









For full control over your world class lighting system, the Solis Tek Digital Lighting controller provides some next level fine tuning.


Please note - these systems are available in limited numbers only, so order today to avoid disappointment.

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