The truth about CBD Oil

So what is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is an essential oil, extracted from hemp. But unlike hemp oil, which is made from seeds – CBD Oil is made from the full plant ( if good quality).

This is to ensure a ‘full spectrum’ of terpenes, amino acids and cannabinoids, which help make CBD Oil so special, and helps to promote something called the ‘entourage effect’.

Please note* Here at Peaceful Planet CBD Oil; we use only full-plant, organically grown, high-quality hemp, to produce our superb full-spectrum Organic CBD Oil.*


What is the difference between Hemp & Cannabis

Cannabis is actually the name of the family all these plants belong to.

So, there are two main types of Cannabis, both of which have been used for tens of thousands of years, in medicine and in day to day life. To most; they look exactly the same, but there is one main difference – tetrahydrocannabinol…or THC for short.

Cannabis as we know it, has an active THC component – which is the ‘stoned’ / psychoactive aspect.

Hemp is very much the same plant…but without the high THC levels. Meaning that you cannot get ‘stoned’ from consuming hemp. However both types of Cannabis are rich in anti-oxidants, terpenes, cannabinoids and neuro-protectants. So both have massive health and wellness benefits.

However, please only use fully tested, high quality CBD Oil with 0% THC.  Only this can be used safely and legally, by the whole family. So always check for 0% THC, which has been independently verified and tested, and ideally a full-plant, organic CO2 extraction too.


Is CBD Oil Legal in the United Kingdom?

Again, only CBD Oil with 0% THC is legal in the UK. It is THC, which is the psycho-active element, which is illegal here in the UK.

So any type of cannabis without THC, is therefor legal. Though this varies from country to country and even state to state in the USA.


Is CBD Oil safe to use for my kids / grandparents?

Yes – completely.

Cannabinoid / endocannabinoid receptors occur naturally in our bodies; see image right. This is one of the main reasons CBD Oil and Cannabis based medicine is so effective.

In fact: even human breast milk is an abundant source of cannabinoids and endocannabinoids, so nearly all children grow up healthier and stronger as a result of utilising the amazing health benefits of cannabinoids.

However please follow the dosage and usage guidelines, associated with each product.


Why is full plant / full spectrum important? And is the ‘Entourage’ Effect Real?

Humans have used plant-based medicines for hundreds of thousands of years through-out our evolution. This is why our body’s already have many in-built receptors for cannabinoids, opiates and other plant-based substances. Thus why Morphine and Cannabis are so effective in the medical world….we have simply evolved using them.

As a result: whole / full-plant medicines are proven to be far more effective in many instances, than using isolated compounds or extracts and this is exactly the same with Cannabis / CBD oil.

CBD Oil in it’s pure form; is rich in cannabinoids, endocannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids & other naturally occurring minerals. By using the whole plant we retain all these beneficiaries, which are proven to work far more effectively as a combination, than they would do alone. This combination is called the ‘entourage’ effect and is why CBD Oil is fast becoming the natural choice for pain and inflammatory relief, as well as  a sleep and calming aid.

However there are widespread reports that when used as a food supplement there are also further health and wellness benefits to consuming CBD oil. As well as many uses for the treatment of a multitude of conditions and ailments.

Please note – many claims are made as to exactly what can and cant be cured, remedied or alleviated by CBD Oil usage. We at Peaceful Planet respect that each individual may respond differently – and do not substantiate nor refute many of the claims made. However if CBD Oil is going to work for you, then our High Quality, Naturally and organically produced 100% Pure CBD Oil, will prove far more effective then blends, concentrates, or lesser quality oils.


Is CBD Oil safe for vulnerable patients / palliative care?

The short answer is: each case is different, so please consult your doctor or healthcare worker.

This varies massively from product to product. But Peaceful Planet Organic CBD Oil specifically, is as safe as CBD Oil can get. As we use no blends. No chemicals. And only 100% Organically grown, fully tested CBD Oil.


What are the differences in anti cancer Oils, like Rick Simpson Oil…and CDB oil?

Again here, we go back to THC.

Anti Cancer Oils like Rick Simpson Oil, as made from Cannabis with THC. CBD Oil is made from Hemp, with no THC. And though both Oils posses many amazing and beneficial health and wellness properties: it is mainly Rick Simpson Oil containing THC, which is used in anti-cancer, anti-seizure etc treatment.

Please be aware though any treatment containing THC is only legal here in the UK if prescribed by an authorised practitioner, under specific licence from the home office.

Those wanting to learn more about THC based treatment of cancer and other terminal illnesses, should perhaps buy a copy of Rick Simpsons’ book -‘Run From The Cure’. Or check out the thousands of online testimonials, from people that THC medicine has helped into remission, or cured completely.


Why are there different strengths of CBD Oil.

With so many different brands and concentrations of CBD Oil  now available, it is hard not to become confused….

But in essence there here are varying degree’s of hemp quality and varying degrees of CDB Oil concentration. Many companies intensify their ‘extract’ into higher dosage levels, in order to offer varying dosages.

This can often mean, unless using the very highest quality brands, that instead of a better product: you are simply buying a large amount of carrier oil, with varying levels of CBD Oil concentrate in. This is not the optimum situation…

Here at Peaceful Planet , our superb Organic CBD Oil, is only available only in one strength – because we do not alter it at all. Meaning that Peaceful Planet CBD Oil comes as standard at 50mg / ml. And because this is 100% pure Oil, this will be far more effective than other ‘CBD Oils’ which use mainly blends and concentrates to achieve what appear to be higher dosage levels.  Sadly often these are just gimmicks…or indicate that the oil has been concentrated / altered.

Here at Peaceful Planet we believe that purity and bio-availability are actually the most important aspects of CBD Oil. So, if other CBD Oil’s of apparent higher strengths / concentrations have not worked  for you in the past, we would recommend trying Peaceful Planet CBD Oil, before you give up, or move on to alternative medicine’s.

*Please note: Our CBD Oil capsules are available in non-organic format – at 10 mg per capsule and 25 mg per capsules. But our Organic Pure CBD Oil, will be available in vegan friendly capsule form later in 2019